About Hallow Rays- My Holy SunShine


Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hey ya’ll God is good all the time and all the time God is there. I am excited to share with my new friends some new thoughts and ideas I have had lately, and to express how God has been moving in my life. I have recently turned—returned—turned back I don’t know what to call it, but basically, I have been re-introduced to something or someone greater than myself.

I have had an inspirational life changing opportunity to restart a dying part of my life and I am so grateful from the inside and out. I am excited that I have a brand-new platform Hallow Rays– My Holy Sunshine to share my testimonies.

For those who may not be aware… Hallow is defined as v. Honor as Holy n. A saint or holy Person

A Special Invitation

The Good news is I know I am not the only one who has been blessed and touched by the grace of God. I know I am not the only overwhelmed with his eminence and love. I have decided to use this platform for all of my readers to share their testimonies as well. My goal is to create a community that will give or provide a sense of hope for us all. To restore some of the light that has been overcome with the darkness of the world.

If we look around, we have so many ways to connect with each other throughout the world: Video chatting, social media, emails, BLOGS???? and so much more. What that says to me is that there is NO EXCUSE for us not to share the Beautiful Bliss of our Heavenly Lord and Savior and all of his glory.

So Let’s Talk About It…..let’s share our stories. Follow Me…as I journey into the next stage of my life. I am so excited I can hardly control myself. Hallow Rays will be a place that will fill you up with sunshine and love. Hallow Rays will be a place for the lost the scared the free and the highly favored. I want those who need a hug to join us and those who can give a hug to come take part. I mean no one can do it by themselves. Where three or more shall gather His presence will be upon us.

Before I Go

I want to say thank you for reading and tuning in with me today. I look forward to building our community and bringing something great back to our nation. Something positive, something sweet, something beautiful like a ray of sunshine on the cheek as you wake at the beginning of a new day.

Well…Til’ next time ya’ll


3 thoughts on “About Hallow Rays- My Holy SunShine

  1. So refreshing to read something meant to bring us all together instead of tearing us all apart. Just because we are all different, shouldn’t divide us, we were all created to be different and more importantly we were created to love each other. Thoughts an prayers to you on your journey.

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